Thursday, 15 September 2016

018 - Makeda2 vs. Ossyan (Invasion 2016 Game 5)

Fifth and final game of the weekend was up, and i got drawn up against Ret! Retribution's somewhat ridiculous amounts of shooting and control effects can be a real nightmare to play against, and i think most Skorne lists might struggle against their powerhouses.

Me and Nico, my opponent, had talked a bit the night before about what he would do if he got paired against me. And i was surprised when he said he didn't really know what to do with his Ossyan/Kaelyssa pair. Ossyan had not nearly enough power to get through the Xerxis brick. And Kaelyssa would have absolutelly no chance into Makeda since she ignores pretty much everything Kaelyssa does. We pretty much agreed then and there that if we were paired against each other, the game would be Makeda2 vs Ossyan. 

So when we faced each other in the final game of the tournement, it was game on!

Supreme Archdomina Makeda WB+24
 - Titan Gladiator - 14
 - Titan Sentry - 15
Tyrant Radheim - 9
Morthieurge Willbreaker - 4
Morthieurge Willbreaker - 4
Tyrant Commander and Standard - 6
min Paingiver Beasthandlers - 5
Max Praetorian Ferox - 21
Max Praetorian Ferox - 21
Objective: Arcane Wonder

His list:
Lord Arcanist Ossyan WJ+28
 - Discordia - 18
 - Imperatus - 22
Arcanist Mechanik - 2
Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress - 3
Stormfall Archers - 9
Stormfall Archers - 9
Mage Hunter Strike Force max - 16
 - Mage Hunter Strike Force Commander - 4
Mage Hunter Strike Force max - 16
 - Mage Hunter Strike Force Commander - 4

Pre Battle thoughts and Deployment:

Holy crap! That's a lot of shots. Although there are a lot of them, the P+S isn't high at all. I should be able to just push through. Outside of Feat, there's not enough power to kill any of my guys without fully committing. And if he do, i can just Feat and remove pretty much his entire army in one pounce, unless he manage to cripple me, which can be tough for him. He does have Phantom Barrage on both MHSF, so i have to be a bit careful with Makeda. 

The scenario was Extraction. I win the roll off yet again (All five games this weekend!) and naturally decides to go first. He choose a side with a Wall to hide Ossyan behind. Which gives me both a Rubble, and a massive Hill to help me Skew my DEF against his shooting.

I Deploy centrally, ready to run towards either side. The plan was to try and force him to commit with just a part of his Army at a time. If i can cripple half his Army, the remainder will lack the required punch to get through my lines. He Deploys his Jacks, Archers, and Ossyan in the middle, behind his Objective (Bunker i think?). MHSF spread out in front.

I push straight down the middle. Taking care not to let the Stormfall Archers be within range of me, and getting as many guys with DEF bonuses from the Rubble and Hill as possible. If he decide to push himself, he won't get me inside FEAT, so the damage wil be insignificant, and will cost him MHSF.

I forgot to take a picture after his turn, but he sees through my trap and just spread out, taking care to not let Ferox do much damage if i commit.

Which i don't. Insteadi  just shuffle everythin over to the Hill, Creating a Fort Makeda. He backed away a bit with MHSF last turn, so by moving like this, i keep outside of the Max threat of several of them, while still threatening a bunch. This also means that i can start threatening a Scenario angle by dominating one flag.

He pull back with his right flank, but push forward with the left.Imperatus runs over to the Flag to Score and MHSF+Stormfalls shoot me a bit, but there's no casualties.

I make the push. I don't commit everything and as such i hold back the Feat for a better occation. I kill 5-6 MHSF and jam up the rest. Gladiator runs over to the Flag to score and i move to block both Discordia and Imperatus from dealing too much damage to me.

He gives it his all, committing the rest of his army, feating and giving dead eye all around, but in the end only a single Ferox and the Standard Bearer (He ran towards the right flag to help contesting) bit the dust. Ossyan is camping 2 Focus and standing within the Threat range of every single Ferox and Radheim.

So in my turn Gladiator charge his Objective and destroys it, a Willbreaker runs over to the flag to let me move to 4-0 (I scored in his turn as well) and Ferox mops the floor with MHSF and Ossyan before Radheim even gets to join in on the Fun.

Victory to the Tyrants!

Post battle thoughts:

Retribution can be a real pain, but when he gave me the chance to take him on piecemeal, i knew i had him. Makeda loves facing Infantryspam. Ferox just remove soo much when they get the chance, and they can handle an incredible amount of damage in return! All five games combined, i gave away 20 BP. Makeda does pretty much everything, but that definatelly leaves me with a disadvantage when i face something that negates her. I really need to work on my second caster from now on.

We were one of the first games to finish, so i got to walk around and see how the other games went. It soon became clear that the two guys in the Final (Jarle (His blog can be found here: Courage of Caspia) and my opponent from game 3, Thomas) would take First and Second place respectivelly. The battle for third woould be between Me, Tor (Cygnar) and Mats (Trollbloods). I was in the lead for a long while, but when the last few results were entered, i dropped down to fifth. (Tor beat me on SOS by one, while Mats had a few more CP than me)

I didn't really care about that though. I was extremelly happy with 4 Victories in my first real tournement. Makeda works like a dream! Now it just boils down to finding the perfect companion for her to bring to Norwegian Masters in January!

Lastly, Thanks to Svein, Kim, Thomas, Morten and Nico for five fantastic games!


  1. Congratulations on your victories with the mighty Skorne Empire! Your right ups have been informative and entertaining and I am looking forward to reading many more.

  2. Thanks a lot! It's really nice to know that people enjoy my writings. It really makes it more inspiring to continue writing!

  3. Hi,
    Thnx very much for the reps. Feels good to read someone does well with skorne. I hope to see more good reps soon.
    And only one more question: did you consider any changes to your mak2 build or are u completely satisfied with it?