Sunday, 4 September 2016

010 - Makeda2 vs. Madrak2

The massive amount of work continues, and so i haven't had nearly enough time to play. This weekend however, i was free at last, and got a good number of games in! First up was Trollbloods and Madrak2!
I had played against the excact same list a little while back with Mordikaar, so i kinda knew what i was getting into. Madrak is notoriously hard to assassinate, with both decent defensive stats, and an ability that let's him redirect the damage to any warior model within 3". Combine that with the Stonebearers that can self Sacrifice and you have one helluva tough warlock!
He wanted to play Linebreaker, and knowing that it's one of my Ferox list's favourite Scenarios, and the fact that his list was infantryspam all the way, i dropped Mak2.

Supreme Archdomina Makeda WB+24
 - Titan Gladiator - 14
 - Titan Sentry - 15
Tyrant Radheim - 9
Morthieurge Willbreaker - 4
Morthieurge Willbreaker - 4
Tyrant Commander and Standard - 6
min Paingiver Beasthandlers - 5
Max Praetorian Ferox - 21
Max Praetorian Ferox - 21
Objective: Fuel Cache

Madrak Ironhide, World Ender WB+28
 - Mulg the Ancient - 19
 - Troll Axer - 9
Fell caller Hero - 5
Fell Caller Hero - 5
Troll Whelps - 4
Stone Scribe Chronicler - 4
Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress - 3
Swamp Gobber Chef - 1
Trollkin Fenblades max - 15
 - Trollkin Fennblades Officer & Drummer - 5
Trollkin Fenblades max - 15
 - Trollkin Fennblades Officer & Drummer - 5
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes - 9
 - Stone SCribe Elder - 3

Pre Battle Thoughts and Deployment:

So this list is fast, and it hits hard! Madrak especially. With his Feat up and the ability that gives him a Fury for each model he kills, it's not unusual for him to plow through infantry to the enemy caster, or another juicy target with enough Fury to make any other powerhouse casters in the game look like Rasheth in comparison. And he has Grievous wounds. Well, at least i'm faster than him. And harder to kill.
We deploy very similarly to one another. Beasts and support in the middle, One unit on each flank. The plan was to get the alpha, try to clear a flank, and start scoring. If i can keep that game up, and not let Madrak run Berzerk, i should be able to either win on scenario, or just out-atrition him.

Forgot to take a picture of Deployment..

I run everything up.

Trolls spread out.

Well, backing down is just cowardly, right? His Left flank is slightly weaker than the right, the Stonebearer and scribes block his beasts somewhat. So i decide to go for that flank. Ferox commits and clears a bunch of fennblades and repositions to try and make things hard for him. I think Makeda Feats, not sure really, but she moves over to the obstacle. the rest just shuffles after. I make the crucial mistake of not blocking Madrak properly (He's the one closest to me in the Bunker).

And he capitalize on my mistake and promptly slaughters three Ferox. The rest of his army also countercharges, but do mostly nothing. Mulg and some Fennblades with Charge of the Trolls and Blood Fury Charge the Sentry, but he survives on a single Box!

I hit back. Beasthandlers heals the Sentry and kill a Fennblade. The titans kills Mulg. Ferox runs around and clears the area around the flag (Unfortunatelly i fail to kill the Drummer) Makeda starts moving overtowards said flag.

Madrak is still the only one managing to kill Ferox as the Trolls try to push back. The Sentry goes down, and the Gladiator is down to about half boxes i think. The Axer knocks Radheim off his mount.

I keep clearing things and consolidating my position around the flag. I make another mistake as i let the Drummer be, instead focusing on killing the Axer and scribes. Makeda moves to the flag to Score.

Since the Drummer is alive he can move in to contest me.. The rest of his armystarts pushing against the Ferox, and Gladiator+Radheim goes down. Lanyssa scores on one of my flags.

Seeing that i have messed up my chances for the easy Scenario win, i have to try the hard way by destroying his Objective. There's too much traffic jam for my Ferox to get to the other Flag. Radheim would have helped a lot here! But unfortunatelly he is gone. I use everything i have on the Objective, but thanks to +2 ARM from the Stone it survives on 4-5 boxes.

Makeda spent all her Fury to kill the Drummer and cast Storm Rager on the TyCom, so there's no help from Stay Death. The Stone Scribes Clear the way for Madrak and he charge Makeda, easilly killing her.

Victory to the Trolls!

Post Battle Thoughts:
Not killing the Drummer cost me the game here. I should have used Radheim T3 to do it instead of trying to pluck a few boxes off the Axer. He could even have repositioned over to the flag after to start scoring making the Scenario win even more secure. I should also have been able to save the game by not going for the objective at all on my last turn, but instead just clear more infantry and Jam Madrak so that he couldn't have contested or gone for an Assassination.
Anyways, that's what practice games are for!
Madrak2 can be really tough, but due to me allways getting the Alpha, and him being the only thing in his army that really threatens me (Mulg can be a pain in the ass as well ofcourse), it should really be possible to win this.

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  1. In your defense I did clock out before killing Makeda :) Needed another minute to finish it off.