Monday, 12 September 2016

014 - Makeda2 vs. Borka1 (Invasion 2016 Game 1)

Invasion 2016 was finally here! After months of waiting i finally got to attend my first real tournement. I had 5 amazing games against a variety of lists, and had a real blast! I also got the chance to prove Makeda's flexibility to several new people, (I think i even managed to recruit a few new tyrants!)

First game of the weekend and i got to face Trollbloods with a Borka1/Gunnbjorn pair. I feel very comfortable dropping Makeda into mostly anything Trollblood, and didn't see a point in dropping Xerxis into any of the two infantry heavy lists. So i dropped the Ferox spam and recieved Borka in return!

Supreme Archdomina Makeda WB+24
 - Titan Gladiator - 14
 - Titan Sentry - 15
Tyrant Radheim - 9
Morthieurge Willbreaker - 4
Morthieurge Willbreaker - 4
Tyrant Commander and Standard - 6
min Paingiver Beasthandlers - 5
Max Praetorian Ferox - 21
Max Praetorian Ferox - 21
Objective: Arcane Wonder

His List:
Borka Kegslayer WB + 28
 - Keg Carrier - 0
 - Dire Troll Mauler - 15
 - Troll Axer - 10
 - Mulg the Ancient - 19
Fell Caller Hero - 5
Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes min - 6
 - Stone Scribe Elder - 3
Trollkin Champions min - 10
Trollkin Sluggers min - 13
Trollkin Fennblades max - 15
Kriel Warriors min - 7
Objective: Bunker

Pre Battle Thoughts and Deployment:

Borka is an interesting Warlock. The Keg Carrier means that Fury 5 isn't that much of a limitation for him as he can allways get two Fury after he's activated for camps, or two extra if he really need to sling spells. His Feat really compliments a fast moving hard hitting army (is there another kind of Trollbloods army?) . The rest of his army fits him pretty good with a lot of fast, hard hitting elements. My opponent was pretty new to the game (returning from a few years break), and that might be reflected a bit in his unit choices. And the list he dropped. I think his shooty Gunnbjorn list is a better drop into both of my lists. Anyways, i did my best to explain how Makeda works and we were off!

The Scneario was Entrenched and i won the roll off. I naturally decided to go first (Makeda always wants to start!) I deployed as i allways do very centrally. The plan was to go for his weak flank, block him out of the zone and force him to commit unfavourably to try and stop my Scenario win. He deployed Fennblades and Sluggers on his left flank, and everything else in the middle. Game on!

I jam everything down the middle, putting on the pressure!

He realize that he just have to move in and advances. He does absolutelly nothing to try and jam me though. He advance prety much straight forward with everything, but his left flank is slightly weaker. Arcane Ward is up on Fennblades.

His cautious approach allows me to go for my own zone fairly easily, and block him pretty effectively. Ferox klears Kriels and Fennblades then repositions to block him off as much as possible. i move so that he at most will kill two cats with all of his beasts combined and his right flank infantry combined. A Fennblade on the right manage to survive, but he is knocked down, so i don't have to worry about him Vengeance moving into my zone. I position two Ferox so that he will have to tank free strikes from both of them to get into the zone. The Titanss move after to counter his Beasts.

I let him go for his own zone if he wanted to, but he does the smart thing and hangs back in a bunch of trolls. The assassination threat is very much real, and going out there exposes him a lot if he wants to still be in control range for his beasts. He moves Arcane Ward onto Borka, and then tries his best to kill Ferox. He misses a lot and does next to nothing. I get to dodge around and create new openings for myself. He have nothing to contest me with so i move to 1-0.

Ferox clears away most of his remaining infantry and bash his heavies a little bit. Mulg goes down to the Gladiator/Radheim combo. 2-0.

He send everything (Even Borka) to try and kill Ferox, and manage to kill one or two, but he is left standing right in front of my lines, camping 1 Fury..

Makeda Feats, Storm rager Radheim. Puppetmaster on Radheim+Ferox. One unit clears away the stone, the other starts putting the hurt on Borka, removing the last Fury, then Radheim jumps in to finish the job.

Vicory to the Tyrants!

Post battle thoughts:

A great way to start the day! My opponent was a real good sprot, and even though he never had a chance, he kept his spirits up and made the game an alltogether enjoyable one. Not knowing what your opponents army do is never a good thing, especially when it comes to lists like mine that are incredibly hard to deal with without the right tools. With all the defensive synergies on the Ferox you allways have to be on your toes, and try to use every tool you have. The Fell caller was stranded deep on his right flank, and without any MAT buffs, all the missed attacks allow me to do so many shenanigans. Moving out of combat, moving into combat, moving around him to open lanes etc.

I had gotten the good start to the tournement that i wanted, but i knew it would only get harder from here on out!

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