Wednesday, 14 September 2016

017 - Xerxis1 vs Haley2 (Invasion 2016 Game 4)

Day two, and another Cygnar game. This time with Haley2 accompanying the dreaded Caine. I had played Makeda in all three games day one, and really didn't want to be list locked for the last game, so i was determined to drop Xerxis no matter what. Maybe he would fare better against Caine.

Then my opponent surprised me by dropping Haley2 instead. Haley2 without Stormwall no less! Things just got interesting!

My list
Tyrant Xerxis WB+28
 - Tiberion - 22
 - Bronzeback Titan - 18
 - Titan Sentry - 15
Tyrant Zaadesh - 4 (Proxied with Hexeris1)
 - Titan Gladiator - 14
Mortitheurge Willbreaker - 4
Pangiver beasthandlers min - 5
Max Praetorian Ferox - 21
Objective: Arcane Wonder

His list:
Major Victoria Haley WJ+25
 - Squire - 5
 - Stormclad - 18
 - Stormclad - 18
 - Thorn - 13
Journeyman Warcaster - 4
 - Hunter - 11
Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress - 3
Ragman - 4
Storm Lances min - 12
Storm Lances min - 12
Objective: Fuel Cache

Pre Battle Thougths and Deployment:

No Stormwall is good, (Not that i would have any problem at all dealing with it though. Even Ferox can cripple the damned thing with Stir the Blood+Feat. ) Haley2 can be a real pain in the ass, but Ferox helps me a ton here. Even without being the kings of survivability like they are with Makeda, they pack a punch, strike fast, and with Defenders ward they get some incredible stats (especially when paired with the ARM bonus from FEAT.) Haley has to be incredibly carefull unless she wants to get jumped by some very angry kittens, and my brick of beasts, while probably not getting the Alpha, can still survive quite a beating and administer the pain in return. This also means that it's really hard for Haley to lock me out of Scenario.

Scenario was Recon, and yet again i got to go first. I deployed centrally, with Ferox on my right flank. The plan was to just push everything as far up as possible. There's few things more scary than a Xerxis army in your face! If i just push up, and start contesting and just standing around in the middle to threaten him, i will force him to commit, hopefully unfavourably to stop me from gaining a Scenario Edge. If i then could survive his Alpha i should be good, as my counterattack will kill pretty much anything i want to die.

 He deployed his Jacks directly opposite my beasts, Lances against Ferox.

I push up as far as possible. Only making sure that Lances can't get the jump on me. (The square to the right of the zone is a House, not a Trench..) Defenders ward goes up on the Ferox, Tac supremacy on Xerxis.

Cygnar actually backs away from the oncoming Ferox. Only advancing with a lone Stormclad with Arcane Shield and the Hunter. Hunter tries to kill a Ferox, but miss.

Seeing Haley back away, i just have to go for the Push! Xerxis Feats and move up behind a wall of Beasts and Stir the Blood the Ferox. Ferox then jump in to strike at the Stormclad. Two and two combine, and after three pretty high above average rolls the Jack bites the dust (ARM 22 helps little against a bunch of really angry Reptile Cats) the Hunter also goes down to a single box of Movement.

Haley moves up, Feats and TK the Ferox around a bit to negate me the ARM bonus from Feat. He charge in with the rest of his guys, but a few misses and a few Tough rolls means that he only manage to kill two.

I can't do too much due to the Feat, but Ferox manage to kill a few lances and reposition a bit to try and Kepp an advancing Xerxis alive. I don't upkeep Tac Supremacy to make sure that i have as much Fury as possible to survive. I put the BB and Tibbers on the side where Storm lances threaten me. Since Tibbers can't be moved at all, and BB have Counter charge to stop him if he mess up a bit, i feel pretty safe on that side. Especially with a Ferox helping out by blocking the Charge lane and engaging a Lance.

Seeing that there's not really much he can do at this point Haley decides to try the Assassination. She advance to get an angle ( Because of Arcane wonder Telekinesis is only range 6, and he wants Thorne to help out with clearing the way for Storm clad and Lances.) This means Haley has to do the job herself,  and TK's both the Sentry and Xerxis. Lances tries to charge past the Ferox, but two of them die to free strikes from Ferox. One of them manage to move over to Xerxis to try and beat him, but he miss his Charge attack. He didn't have enough Focus for Temporal Acceleration due to TK's and an Arcane Bolt aimed at Xerxis. So the Stormclad only gets 4 attacks, all of which i can transfer. Haley is left standing out in the open, right next to two Ferox, and nothing blocking the Sentry from walking over to her.

I forgot to take any more pictures in the excitement over finally getting to punch Haley2 in the face. Suffice to say, she didn't survive four Ferox attacks and a very angry Sentry to the Face. Tibbers walks over to the Objective to destroy it, the remaining beasts clear the zone, and Xerxis runs over to the left Flag to score, Granting me 3 CP.

Victory to the Tyrants!! 

Post battle Thoughts:

Haley is dead!, long may she rot.. I feel really happy about this game. My beast brick did pretty much nothing, but even so, All Cygnar had left standing when all was said and done was Junior, Lanyssa and a lone Storm Lance. Ferox hits ridicolously hard with the big guy. I could probably have just used all of my guys to just kill everything on the board instead the last turn. Haley alone can't do much against Xerxis with a full camp.

Once again, Ferox were the VIP's this game. Jamming like champs, more or less taking out two Jacks in a single turn. I really can't make a single list without at least one unit of them, they are just too good to not bring.

I was currently in third place, best of the ones with three victories. There was a lot of Cygnar players in the Field around me, and i really feared meeting a third Caine2 possibility in a row. Luckilly for me, there would be no more Cygnar for me this weekend.

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