Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Slow beginnings

Hello and welcome to Skornergybuster! My latest attempt at understanding and bettering my game. Inspired by a friend and gaming buddy (You can find his blog here: Courage of Caspia. You should really check this out if you haven't already) i decided to start my own. My goals? To do like Ash and be the very best! I plan to make detailed battle reports, with pictures, pre and post game analyses, thoughts on models, rules and meta, etc. All to try and get a better understanding of how the game works, and how Skorne fits into all of this.

So who am i?
 My name is Hans, i live in Oslo, Norway and i have played with toy soldiers and dice for the past 7 years. Starting out with Warhammer Fantasy just before the 8th edition dropped. I mostly enjoyed casual gaming, until i was introduced to the tournement and competitive gaming scene a few years ago, and i have never looked back. Now, i have never been a very highly skilled player. Although i do have a few decent tournement placings from local tournements, (Never top 3, but at least close). When Fantasy died last summer, i was at a loss, what should i do now? I considered trying Age of SIgmar, but i quickly stifled that thought. That is not a game to be played by anyone wishing to play competitively. What else then? Kings of war looked tempting, but most of the other people in my gaming community had their eyes on Warmahordes, so i followed the flow, and oh boy were i surprised. I pretty balanced game with awesome miniatures, Good rules and fluff. I quickly became hooked, picking up a free Skorne Battlebox from an event Privateer Press hosted at the ETC last year and started playing.

I am a very competitive person, and so, i always look for ways to better my game. after a pretty slow start i now have the opportunity to play pretty much as often as i want to. That means that now is the time for me to really try and up my game, really try to understand what the heck it is i'm doing, and finally become the good player i have always wanted to be. And this, is my journey.

I'll start by making an indepth (at least by my standards) analysis of how i see the game, and what i believe Skorne's role in this is. I will also add a few musings about lists, possible pairs etc. Check back in few days to catch it.

Untill then:

May the Skornergy be with you! Take care.

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