Monday, 8 August 2016

007 - Xerxis1 vs. Reznik2

Third and final game of the day! A menoth playing friend of mine was at the club to play, but his opponent had to cancel due to a bad hangover. Me, being the thoughtful player i am, kindly offered to play him instead. We did the pairing process as if we were playing in a tournement for the practice. He had his Reznik list, and a mean looking Severius2 list with Judicator and stuff, that i really didn't want to play Makeda into. Xerxis on the other hand would love to face that list, and i believed he could play decently into Reznik, so i decided to give him a spin!


My list
Tyrant Xerxis WB+28
 - Tiberion - 22
 - Bronzeback Titan - 18
 - Titan Sentry - 15
Tyrant Zaadesh - 4 (Proxied with Hexeris1)
 - Titan Gladiator - 14
Mortitheurge Willbreaker - 4
Pangiver beasthandlers min - 5
Max Praetorian Ferox - 21

His list:
Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages WJ+29
 - Hierophant - 3
 - Reckoner - 16
 - Reckoner - 16
 - Scourge of Heresy - 16
Wrack - 1
Vassal Mechanik - 1
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist - 3
Nicia, Tear of Vengenace - 5
Choir of Menoth min - 4
Idrian Skirmishers max - 15
 - Idrian Skirmisher Chieftain - 5
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guards - 9
Daughters of the Flame - 10

Pre Battle Thoughts and Deployment:

My Xerxis list can probably play into this, it's just going to be hard. Reznik has threat extensions, a mean Feat, Spellpiercer, that basically just ignores any upkeeps i have (like Defenders Ward) and Lamentation makes Animi and stuff hard to use. Especially on my poor Fury 5 Warlock. With Daughters, Nicia and Idrians it's incredibly fast, and it packs quite a punch both in Shooting and in melee. I had some hopes thoguh. I can still Brick like a boss, surviving pretty much any kind of Alpha he throws at me by feating defensivelly. Hopefully, i would be able to get some offensive use out of the Feat as well.
We played the same map and Scenario as the last two games. He won the Roll off, and decided to go first. Deploying in a line stretching most of the table. I deployed with a heavy Skew towards the Left flag where the Wall, and house possibly could help me survive a bit. My hopes were to move over to the Left flag to score, while contesting in the middle and at the same time try to contest his flag. It would not be easy though as he had a lot of hard to get through elements to block my path. The Idrians Preyed my Bronzeback.
Let's go!

He runs everything up. Lamentation on Reznik, Death March on Daughters.

I move up to the left, hiding as much as possible behind the wall. This is a bad play i think, as i now don't have anything that can contest his flag, giving him a perfect opportunity to Score. I also expose the Ferox a bit too much. The change from Pretty much unkillable Ferox to just normal ones is kinda rough. Tactical Supremacy on Xerxis, Tag Team on Zaadesh.

Menoth just consolidate his hold on the Zone and Flag. Reznik moves in to score after giving Nicia Boundless Charge. I'm pretty lucky though, as all his Shooting and Nicia only manage to kill a Single Ferox, and take a few boxes off the Sentry. Daughters move to jam.

Realizing my mistake of having nothing to contest with, i need to try and do something. I decide to go all in, Trampling all i can into the Zone to try and take out as much as possible on my counter charge. I allready know he will get the Alpha, the problem is surviving it, so i have to Feat defensively. The gladiator walks up to Nicia, and Zadesh charge her. With Tag team up, hitting her is "Easy" and she goes down. The Ferox jump in to clear the Jammers and try to both block his Jacks, and set up for a contesting Run if they can survive. All three of Xerxis' beasts Trample into the Zone to contest and B2B for Feat purposes. Xerxis hugs the Wall and Feats.

I realize that i have made a mistake in the Ferox moves however. One of them is standing right in front of the Monk.. He can now activate, forfeit movement for the survivability ability thingy, and still get to punch a few cats to death, clearing the way for his Jacks, AND being ridicolously annoying to remove.. sigh.. Reznik Feats and everything moves in. I'm lucky again though, as he have to spend his Entire unit of Idrians to kill the Ferox hanging around my objective. (he rolls abysmally, and i tough like a god!) Which means that the Last Ferox lives! All of his Jacks charge in, dealing a bit of Damage to the Sentry, and just barely finishing off Tibbers.

Okay! we have both commited!, now i just need to kill as much as possible and contest. If i manage to kill all of his Jacks, i could still win this. Provided i contest ofcourse. Because if i don't, then he moves to 3-0, and only need to kill my objective on his next turn to win on Scenario. So the plan is this. Kill all three Jacks with my Beasts. Move Xerxis closer to the Beasts for Shield Guards and stuff (Maybe even killing some Idrians or something. Then move the last remaining Ferox in to score. Easy as Pie!
Zaadesh casts Rush on the Gladiator and moves closer so that he won't be out of control range. The gladiator Slams for free into one Reckoner. Knocking him into the other so that the Ferox is free to move, and so that the Jacks will be easier to hit. He buys four extra attacks and kills the first Reckoner. The sentry walks up to the next and starts punching. I roll pretty low on my damage rolls however, and he is left on one box. Which means that my Bronzeback will be Ashen Veiled when he moves in to kill Scourge. That's bad. However in a stroke of Genious, i come up with a plan! The Ferox haven't moved yet right? What if he just jumps over there and takes the last box off the Reckoner? With two attacks i should be able to roll the 7+ i need right?
So i ofcourse do this, then move the Bronzeback in and punch face to kill the last Jack! Yay!! Now all i have to do is... move the Ferox in to contest... damn.. Remember how i said it was absolutelly vital for me to contest this turn? Well.. guess who forgot completely about all of that and used the only model that could do that to finish off a crippled, knocked down jack, just because it was a fun thing to do? In the heat of the moment i even forget to activate Xerxis..

He struggles a bit as the Idrians still fail to do shit, but eventually my objective bites the Dust, and he moves to 5-0 for the Scenario win.

Victory to Menoth!

Post Battle Thoughts:

This match up is definatelly hard. Makeda2 would probably play WAY better into it, but then again, i feel that Xerxis is better into this list, than Makeda is into his Severius list i will have to try that match some time to see if i am correct. Anyways, i think it's definately playable. Another Scenario where it would be easier fror me to contest would help a lot too. In a straight up atrition grind, i think i am just a tiny bit up. Especially if i can snag T1. The biggest mistake i made here was to skew so hard to one side, allowing him to completely block me off from the flag he intended to score on. A better approach would have been to move everything up in the middle, allowing the beasts to move up in force to contest him. This would mean that Reznik could be forced to play an atrition game or risk getting assasinateed by angry elephants, and i'm much more comfortable in a game of atrition.

A great Game, and a great way to end a day of playing. My vacation is oficially ended as well, so i probably won't get the chance to play as often. My goal is still to get in at least one or two games every week.

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