Tuesday, 15 November 2016

022 - Clogcon Masters Game2: Makeda2 vs Witch Coven

Game 2, and i find Vincent and his Cryx on the opposite side of the table. I don't get to play against Cryx very often, but i know that Makeda should be good against the Coven. In addition, Recon is one of Makedas strongest scenarios. His other list is Scaverous, which i don't know much about, and when in doubt, use your comfort-list, AKA Makeda.

My list:
Supreme Archdomina Makeda WB+24
 - Despoiler - 18
 - Basilisk Krea - 7
Tyrant Radheim - 9
Mortitheurge Willbreaker - 4
Mortitheurge Willbreaker - 4
Void Spirit - 4
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer - 6
Paingiver Beast Handlers min - 5
Praetorian Ferox max - 21
Praetorian Ferox max - 21

His list:
The Witch Coven of Garlghast WJ+26
 - Egregore
 - Scarlock Thrall - 4
 - Deathjack - 23
 - Stalker - 8
 - Barathrum - 15
 - Deathripper - 6
Aiakos, Scourge of the Meridius - 4
 - Stalker - 8
 - Stalker - 8
Machine Wraith - 2
Machine Wraith - 2
Necrotech - 2
Satyxis Raiders max - 16
 - Satyxis Raider Sea Witch - 3

Pre Battle thoughts and Deployment:

The MAT aspect of the feat can be a real pain, but i just completelly ignore the LOS part. Stalkers are really dangerous for me, but i out threat them, so as long as i'm careful i should be fine. I win the roll off, and go first. I deploy centrally, he does the same. My plan is to skew right eventually (There's a house i can exploit between the Zone and the Flag.) I'll  try to find a scenario opening, and use my superior threat to force him to come to me.

I run everything up to just outside of his threat. Storm Rager gets cast.

He move up as well.

I move things more forward. I leave a few ferox in Barathrum's threatrange, hoping he tries to go for them, but make sure that no stalkers can reach me. Void SPirit starts to move towards "his" flag on the left. I forget to move Makeda though...

Coven Feats and move up, thinking himself pretty safe. Barathrum takes the bait and tries to kill a Ferox and Drag below to safety, but my opponent doesn't realize that Stay Death completelly stops that move. and that i pretty much completelly ignore his Feat ( i don't need LOS anyways, and my own Feat deal with the MAT debuff. A Machine wraith charge a Ferox on the Right Flank, but it's stopped by tough.

Beast Handlers enrage Despoiler and kill the Machine Wraith. Ferox deal a bunch of damage to his objective, and kill pretty much all the Satyxis. Despoiler demolish Barathrum. I contemplate using Radheim to finish the objective off, but instead i just move him up a bit to provide Dodge and stay safe. I spent my Feat this turn as well.

Not knowing how my list shows again, as my opponent activates his stalkers after everything else, letting me use Stay Death a lot more than i normally would be able to. I still lose several Ferox though.

I kill two stalkers, more Satyxis, and leave the last Stalker on a single box of movement. I make a huge mistake though, as i spend a lot of time and effortgetting things out of the way to allow Despoiler to charge DJ and finish him off, only realising that i can't get to him because of the Rough terrain between them which i believed was a trench. This means that Ferox is in a less than ideal position, I moved Makeda into the zone and planned to use the TyCom to destroy the Objective (Should be easy enough since it's allready down 8-ish boxes and it would be Dark Shrouded by Despoiler.) Oh well..

Things look dark for my opponent, and i really can't see how he can possibly win this. With Stalkers gone, he pretty much have no way to grind through me. So when DJ, Aiakos and the last remaining Satyxis starts pounding Ferox i spend all my Fury to keep them alive. Unfortunatelly, not knowing what the enemy can do now come back to bite me, as he now move his Arc node in a position where he can see Makeda. I thought there was no way for him to get to me, so i didn't really try to block LOS to her at all, and i had cut myself down to 9 boxes because i wanted to be cautious and not Frenzying with my beasts. He Triangles the Witches and double boost two two Styggian Abysses, and the Archdomina goes down!

Sadly, The Tyrants lose..

Post Battle Thoughts

That was annoying. I feel like i play a perfect game, up untill i make two massive mistakes that costs me the game. The worst part is, i didn't even need to keep the Ferox Alive. My last three Fury was spent keeping the single Ferox that DJ engaged alive. Had i just let him have that, the game would basically be over the next turn as i would probably kill everything he had left except the coven. Or even better, had i just thought to keep Makeda in a safe spot, i could have moved a Beast Handler a fraction of an Inchfurther to the left, and there would be absolutelly no way for him to even see her.

Anyways, a great game, and another great opponent that kept the mood of the game good even though i kept punishing him. And Hopefully, i have learnt from this mistake.

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